STR Management Plans

airbnb management services

airbnb management plans

Happy guests = more 5-star reviews and a higher occupancy rate.

Plan 1 – “I don’t want to do a thing”

Included Services:

  • Professional pictures, and a 3D virtual home tour.
  • Listing and marketing on top booking sites, including custom copywriting.
  • Targeted digital marketing.
  • Coordinate and verify professional five-star cleaning each time a guest checks out. Follow up and resolve guest concerns and property damage issues.
  • Guest screening and damage reporting. Inspections and regular maintenance.
  • Schedule and verify completion for any maintenance and repair needs.
  • Syncing booking calendars, implement dynamic pricing and special pricing for busy/slow times of the year in your area.
  • Create a guest experience that encourages five-star ratings, which increases occupancy rates and maximum per-night pricing.
  • 24/7 availability for hosts and guests, including emergency personal visits.
  • Monthly and year-end comprehensive financial and opportunity reports.

Make more with less stress with our management services

Plan 2 – “No busy work, please”

Included Services:

  • Fully customized property listing for your home, complete with professional photography and have-to-book description.
  • We list your home on top sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and booking.com, making sure your potential guest notice and book.
  • We’ll dial in the exact right pricing and cleaning fee to beat the local competition and increase your occupancy rates.
  • 24/7 guest support. We’ll respond to guest inquiries, and confirm bookings.
  • Cleaning and maintenance recommendations, or coordinate with your existing team.


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